2019 Rock Dynamics Summit in OKINAWA

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Welcome to the full paper submission site of The 2019 RDS, Okinawa Japan. Please follow the guidance below to fill in the form and confirm your submission. After the submission, you will receive e-mail confirming that we have received your full paper. Notification of your paper acceptance will be announced by sending e-mail by 18 January 2019.
Submission Deadline】30 November, 2018 (Japan Time)

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  • Themes
    • T1 :Laboratory Testing
    • T2 :Strong Motion Simulation
    • T3-1 :Rock Foundations
    • T3-2 :Underground Structures
    • T3-3 :Pylons and Towers
    • T3-4 :Rock Slopes
    • T3-5 :Masonry Structures and Monuments
    • T4 :Induced Seismicity
    • T5 :Dynamic Loading and Excavation
    • T6 :Blasting and Environmental Issues
    • T7-1 :Rockburst / outburst
    • T7-2 :Impacts
    • T8 :None-destructive Testing
    • T9 :Case Histories
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